[VIDEO] A Concealed Carry MUST: If You’re Not Doing This, You Should Be


Many people who conceal carry do a great job researching and studying the perfect handgun for them. They shop, ask around, watch videos and read articles to select and purchase a gun they can conceal and use to protect themselves. They typically understand the differences with various calibers and take the time to figure out which is best for their specific purpose.

Most people understand the importance of range time and hopefully they will seek out additional training to gain the skills needed in the event their handgun is needed. We also cannot underestimate the importance of a quality holster. One that is protective to themselves and the people around them along with offer the ability to carry the gun in the most comfortable position on their body.

When all’s said and done, people want a handgun to be reliable. They want and need to know that the gun will function exactly as intended if they need to use it. The people I know are very committed to everything I have mentioned thus far. There is however another attribute that many people fall short on. They need to practice with their self defense ammunition.

Quality self defense ammo is typically priced about a dollar a round depending on the load and it’s the last thing people want to invest in after all the other sacrifices have been made. The truth is, shooting self defense ammo through your carry gun is extremely expensive but very important. Mainly because we need to make sure it will feed, fire and eject properly. I have seen first hand when people shoot target loads all day long with no issues but when they load defensive rounds they have problems.

Obviously, the bullet on a SD round is very different. Hollow point bullets are fluted weakened jackets that should expand on impact or within penetration. The issue here is that hollow points vary in height and width with various ammunition manufacturers. The question now is, will your gun cycle and fire the hollow points that you are feeding it?

Testing self defense ammunition in my opinion is a “must do” for the concealed carrier. Yes it is expensive however we need the assurance to know that we are prepared to use our gun if needed. Don’t be the guy who shoots target loads at the range and then loads hollow points without test firing them. Be the guy who is confident with his/her gun and ammo because they took the time and expense to make sure everything functioned accordingly.

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Dan has been an avid gun collector and enthusiast for several years. He enjoys shooting and reviewing all firearms on his YouTube channel called TheFireArmGuy. Most importantly, he believes in the 2nd Amendment and strongly feels that all Americans should practice situational awareness and carry a gun daily.

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