A Rare Look Into My Gun Safe & How I Added Space with a Magnetic Gun Mount

Being an avid firearm enthusiast and collector, I have a problem many people would say is a good problem to have. I no longer have room in my safes to store all of my firearms. Oh sure, I have re-arranged the shelves and changed around how the guns were stored but eventually I had to come to terms with the fact they don’t all fit properly in the safe. Laying the guns on top of each other by stacking them up in piles is unprofessional and causes the guns to get scratched. Also, I had pistols stuffed between rifles and shotguns. I needed to come up with a solution that created easy access to the guns in a secure “scratch free” environment. The choice is clear. Either buy another safe or think outside the box to come up with a creative way to store the guns. As I looked at my gun safes, I noticed that the available space was under the shelves where my pistols were stored. How could I properly use this space to secure the handguns that were scattered throughout? I came across a product that would help my dilemma without spending a lot of money. A gun magnet. That’s right a gun magnet. I searched Amazon to find a gun magnet that could be installed under a shelf that was strong enough to mount three pistols. I learned that Creator MBSY made a dedicated gun magnet with a rubber coating that was rated to hold 42 pounds. Watch the video above to see the multiple purposes this gun magnet could serve. More importantly, watch how I was able to securely store three pistols by using the Creator MBSY magnetic gun mount. I am very happy with this solution and confident the guns are safe and secure. Now I need to order a few more to get the rest of the pistols out from between the rifles and shotguns. Click this link for more information. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073ZFG7TX
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