[CCW IN ACTION] Robber Shoves Unloaded Gun In Customers’ Faces, Finds Out One Of Them Has A Loaded Gun

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — An armed robber is listed in critical condition in the hospital after shoving his gun in customers’ faces while they waited for their orders at the Shrimp Shack in Detroit. Police carted the 19-year-old to the hospital after one of the customers pulled out his concealed carry handgun and shot the young man in the stomach. That customer had a permit to carry a concealed handgun and police are calling it self-defense.

via WDIV Detroit News

“When I saw he had the gun in her face, and I threw my wallet down and keys, he turned to look and get the money, that’s when I lit him up,” the concealed carrier told reporters.

This concealed carrier was with his girlfriend at the time and the robber pointed a gun into her face. At first, he admitted to the news station, he had no problem just giving the man some money if that’s what he needed. But when he saw his girlfriend’s life was in danger as well, he realized he had to act.

Detroit police recovered the firearm used by the robber and discovered it wasn’t even loaded. That young crook didn’t even know the sort of danger he put himself and others in.

One thing I liked about this situation is the concealed carrier didn’t just go for his gun. He used a surprisingly simple diversionary tactic to get the robber’s attention away from his girl. The second the robber turned his focus to the floor, the concealed carrier knew he had time to draw his gun.

The direct route isn’t always the best. Sometimes a simple trick to get the focus off of you is enough to get that momentary advantage you need to prevail in a gun fight.

This concealed carrier had no problem shooting this man if it meant saving his life and the woman he loved. However, nothing in the news article suggests he wanted to go out of his way to use his gun.

Young people make foolish mistakes. The problem is that when a bad apple gets a gun and decides to make a name for himself, he’s like a young venomous snake that doesn’t know how much poison is needed to catch the prey and how much poison is overkill. When we’re talking about criminals and guns, triggers can get pulled awful quickly — and sometimes completely by accident — as tensions go up and bad guys get nervous.

As a trained concealed carrier, it’s unfortunately all our jobs to make sure we keep our heads level. When it’s time to act, act. Use whatever is around you or on you to your advantage.

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