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82-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots And Kills Friend: Mistaken Identity

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — In a tragic case of mistaken identity, an elderly man was shot and killed by his friend who mistook him for a man he saw earlier in his yard, reports The Commercial Appeal.

Maurice Horton, age 74, went to visit his 82-year-old friend Roosevelt Hodge last month, not knowing it was the last trip he’d ever make.

Horton was shot and killed at the hands of his friend.

Hodge’s family amazingly doesn’t blame Hodge, calling the whole thing a “mistake.”

“It was mistaken identity,” said Horton’s nephew Michael Minor according to The Commercial Appeal. “Mr. Roosevelt got confused and thought my uncle was a man he saw earlier in his yard. He shot my uncle but it was a mistake.”

Hodge has been arrested and charged with second degree murder, according to an update on the story by The Commercial Appeal.

Although it is tragic to see life end so needlessly, there is a lesson to learn from this.

One of the primary rules of gun safety is to not ever fire unless you are absolutely sure of what you’re firing at.

Hodge failed to do that and, unfortunately, age just can’t be an excuse. A man is dead.

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