Dumb Shootout Outside A Bar Leads To One Dead And Another With A Shot To The Buttocks


CLEVELAND, OHIO — At the witching hour of 2 a.m., an armed security guard was forced to defend his life as he responded to a shooting outside a bar he was hired to protect. When he emerged from the bar, he found a 24-year-old man fatally shot.

According to FOX 8 Cleveland, the security guard was an off-duty police officer. The off-duty officer pursued the suspect fleeing the scene. The suspect fired upon him. He drew his handgun and returned fire on the alleged attacker, striking him once in the buttocks. After police arrived, they apprehended the chief suspect in the crime.

This is just another horrendous example of the types of situations security guards are forced into because of violent criminals. Who knows what the heck possessed the suspect to open fire and kill another man outside a bar? A drug deal gone bad? A beef?

None of that matters because that violent criminal wasn’t afraid to fire rounds and endanger the lives of all those in the area. Thank goodness an armed security guard was on hand. And, because he was an off-duty police officer, he was able to pursue the suspect.

That’s an extremely dangerous scenario. It’s something I’d never recommend a concealed carrier would do. Pursuing a suspect, late at night, down the poorly lit streets of Cleveland is not an ideal situation.

That’s an example of when an off-duty officer can do something that concealed carriers ought not to do.

As for those in the bar, there’s a chance that there was a concealed carrier inside. He may not have been armed because he was following the right ethics that law-abiding citizens have and criminals don’t.

In situations like that, when you’re stuck in a no-win scenario, your best bet is to seek cover and get out of the line of fire. There’s no good answer to when violent criminals target places where there’s a low chance of a good guy with a gun defending himself.

Every single night, across America, gun owners and concealed carriers enjoy a glass of cold suds or a cocktail and they’re more than likely not armed. Violent criminals know that when there’s a less of a chance of an armed dude returning fire, they have freedom to do whatever horrible things they think they can get away with.

Good work on this bar for hiring the right guy for the job. Some situations, you want a police officer working the door. For all other situations, evade, barricade, communicate, and get out of the fight.

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