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[VIDEO] 5 Things You Should Never Do When Carrying Concealed

As a long time concealed carrier, I enjoy watching videos and reading articles on the subject of CCW. Whether it’s a reminder of an idea that I should be aware of or a pointer that I never thought of, the subject of concealed carry excites me. Many people find pleasure with disagreeing with the author or video producer and that is just fine as well. The fact is, when you make carrying a gun a part of your everyday life, taking time to learn or study other people’s thoughts or methods is beneficial.

In the video above, I speak about five things a concealed carrier should never do. Unfortunately, we often read about people who make poor choices with their carry gun and end up having to answer for their actions in a courtroom. We know that if the case arises where we need to use our gun for self defense that we could face persecution from our community and/or prosecution from law enforcement. Given that, we need to make completely sure, and confident, that our carry mindset is sound and fully understood. Many times, understanding what not to do is equally as beneficial as knowing what to do in regards to self defense. There are people sitting in a prison cell, right now as you read this, who may have made a bad decision with their gun and could not justify their actions. It is also possible that those very people legally defended themselves with their gun and had to explain their actions to an anti-gun jury where things didn’t end up very well.

I encourage every person who carries a gun on a daily basis to always seek out as much CCW education as possible. Learn all that you can and remain as confident as possible with your decisions. Anyone of us may one day be in a situation where we are justifying our actions and we better be damn sure that we know what we are talking about. Watch the video above and let us know if you agree with the points made.

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