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Jogger Decided To Carry Concealed For His Morning Run — And That Decision Likely Saved His Life

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — A jogger on his morning run reported seeing a truck following him. A juvenile got out of the truck, pointed a gun at the jogger, and demanded all his belongings. The jogger drew a pistol and shot the suspect at least one time in the leg. The suspect fled to the truck and the truck drove out of the area.

Police confirmed for the Star Telegram that the truck was later found abandoned. Upon investigation, they discovered the truck was reported stolen. In a separate incident, they stopped a woman driving an SUV with a suspect matching the description in the passenger’s side seat. He had sustained several gunshot wounds.

The juvenile’s name hasn’t been released due to his age. It’s unknown the woman’s connection to the juvenile.

We’ve discussed it a lot in previous articles but gangs LOVE to use children in violent crime. They don’t serve as much time as an adult, are highly susceptible to suggestion, and don’t have a well developed sense of consequences and responsibilities.

The bad news is that we, as concealed carriers and gun owners, are stuck in the burdensome position of having to defend ourselves against kids and teenagers who really don’t understand the position they’re putting themselves or you in.

One of the most dangerous types of rattlesnake is a juvenile. Juvenile rattlesnakes have no idea how much venom is needed to kill prey so they go overboard. An adult rattlesnake is extremely dangerous but he’s experienced enough to not insert himself into dangerous situations he doesn’t need to be in. An adult rattlesnake also knows the right amount of venom needed to neutralize his prey.

This is why having kids in the criminal scene is a bad deal for law-abiding citizens. As much as some people will claim, “oh, armed robbers are just looking for your money and won’t actually shoot” — we’re dealing with a class of young, susceptible people who don’t know when enough is enough. And not every criminal has the same temperament, disposition, or under the same pressures or influences.

This makes a volatile situation that, unfortunately, can push a law-abiding citizen to defend himself with deadly force.

As for the jogger who was able to carry a concealed handgun, his choice to do so may have saved his life. Intuition and situational awareness are two big things that can help a concealed carrier survive a dangerous event. Glad to see he used both and made the right decision to carry accordingly.

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