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[VIDEO/NSFW LANGUAGE] That Moment When You Accidentally Drive Up To A Gunfight

ROXBURY (BOSTON), MASSACHUSETTS — In the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area, a license to carry a gun is as rare as the Celtics winning an NBA Championship. This means criminals looking to act tough have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately for the person in this video, her dashcam catches the real suspense and fear that happens when a day goes from ‘normal’ to ‘absolutely batcrap crazy’ in 0-5 seconds.

It takes her a second to even realize what is even going on. Gunshots aren’t a normal sound in the city so there’s a moment where you can tell she’s trying to rationalize what she’s hearing. However, when she sees people running from the fire, she knows that whether or not she wanted to — she’s just walked into a rolling gunfight.

The woman in this video does the right thing — get the heck out of dodge.

Concealed carriers take heed: that’s not a bad strategy.

When confronted with a gunfight in which you can’t see who’s exchanging rounds, the best bet is to go away from the sound of gunfire. Especially when driving a motor vehicle, you have a distinct advantage of 0 to 60 mph going in the opposite direction. Good move.

While the video has NSFW language in it, it depicts a real-life reaction of an average person encountering gun violence. As concealed carriers, thankfully we train and practice to have some idea of what we’re going to do when confronted by these sorts of situations.

Most people go through life in somewhat of a daze. We’re thinking about dinner this evening, meeting up with our significant other, work-related stuff… And all of the sudden reality rears its ugly head. The world can be a violent place and it doesn’t give much advance notice.

Bad guys, especially, don’t care about what happens to people around them. When they start rattling sabers in the streets, it’s best to get out.

What’s your take on this video?

We’ve seen a few where people roll up on a gunfight involving usually young gangbangers with nothing to lose. In almost every single case, it’s dashcam or cellphone footage and in every case — the driver sees he’s not directly taking fire and gets the heck out.

The big one is getting the heck out.

Your life, your property, and your family are too important to get rolled up into a bad guy’s personal melodrama. Be safe out there, train like you intend to fight, and carry everyday.

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