[VIDEO] Why This Guy Wears A Suit Coat To The Range


“God Family And Guns” recently released a video where he explains the significance of why he wears a suit to the range. It’s definitely something that plenty of us probably don’t consider if a suit isn’t our normal attire.

What we wear to the range should reflect what we expect to wear on a daily basis.

Reason: If you ever encounter a situation where you need to defend your life with your gun, you will probably be wearing what you normally wear.

So, for many of us who don’t wear suits on a regular basis, there’s no need to change.

However, for those who wear jumpsuits, work clothes, or any particular set uniform, you may want to consider practicing in those clothes.

Sure, folks may look at you odd if you show up to the gun range in a Chick-Fil-A uniform. You know what? Their opinion doesn’t matter. Do you stop going to the gym because you see a guy wearing his work outfit in there?

Training is training and we train how we intend to fight.

As concealed carriers, we holster our handgun every single day with the hope that it never needs to leave that holster. If it does, you’re ready. You trained for this situation and while nothing can probably prepare you for the outcome, you are physically prepared to deal with the threat head on.

This topic is of particular significance to those who are tradesmen. Electricians, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians — chances are good you wear a specific outfit while you work.

Automotive mechanics who spend a lot of time on their bellies or backs, plumbers who have to crawl into tight, confined areas… These are all people who benefit not just from wearing their normal work clothes to the range but practicing from the positions they will be most exposed and vulnerable in.

To really practice and recreate these scenarios, we’re going to recommend you check out our article on using airsoft pistols.

For instance, if you’re an automotive mechanic and you’re under the belly of a truck and you encounter an armed robber — how do you react?

With airsoft pistols and masks, you can recreate this scenario with the help of a friend or colleague and be better educated on how you can react to that scenario.

Personally, I’d rather know I can probably expect to be shot in the gut rolling out from under a car than have to do it for real and find that out. It would also help me do some problem solving as a concealed carrier and figure out another strategy that could minimize my risk coming out from a tight, confined space.

Problem solving and training how we intend to fight — that’s why this guy wears a suit to the range and it’s why we have to think outside the box.

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