Marysville Hero: First Year Teacher Megan Silberberger Said To Confront And Ultimately Stop School Shooting

Reports are flooding the internet after a student who witnessed the school shooting yesterday, said during an interview that first-year social studies teacher Megan Silberberger, 24, confronted the shooter yesterday, and during a struggle over the firearm, the shooter (whether intentionally or accidentally) shot himself in the neck.

Megan reportedly ran toward the gun shots and once she was close enough to the shooter, grabbed his arm in order to try and gain control over the firearm.

“It wasn’t [a] wrestle. She just grabbed his arm, and it lasted like two seconds, and I heard another shot.” []

That last shot signaled the end of the rampage.

The 15-year-old shooter went on a rampage inside his school in Washington state, killing 1 and injuring 4 others. There is no doubt that, had Megan not confronted the shooter, other people would have been injured or killed.

Megan Silberberger is a hero in every sense of the word, and we commend her bravery and selflessness to protect the lives of everyone in that school.

Reports suggest that Megan was not injured during the struggle with the shooter.

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