#DIGTHERIG – Eric and his SIG Sauer P226 in a Tagua Gunleather Holster

Someone once told me “simplicity is elegance”. As a Marine, I am obsessed with accuracy as WELL as simplicity. So I now share my rig with you all.

My EDC consists of a SIG Sauer P226 (.40 S&W) with stock night sights, rail frame, and 12 round double-stag mag.

I carry my P226 in a Tagua Gunleather IWB holster. To me, the wrong pistol to carry is one that doesn’t “feel right” when you grip it.

When I first took hold of a SIG, it felt like being home. Purely natural. I’m not a big fan of a lot of polymers in a pistol so, naturally, SIG’s steel and aluminum construction was a perfect fit for me. SIG’s out-of-the-box accuracy also made me big fan, knowing for a fact that when I see my target, a clear sight picture and steady squeeze meant perfect shot placement.

The SIG P226 has no external safety. But the double-single action provides the option of safer round-in-chamber carry placed in double action in a holster with proper trigger housing protection.


Things can happen very quickly and my main concern when choosing a rig was quick reaction time with minimal “moving parts”.

I always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. The Tagua IWB leather holster coupled with SIG’s ability to pull and shoot in double action for the first round made this my go-to.

Along with my CPL, I also carry my Honor, Courage, Commitment card issued to me while in recruit training at MCRD San Diego back in 2002 when I became a Marine. Although I separated honorably in 2011, it’s a constant reminder to me to always conduct myself as such. The eagle, globe and anchor emblem is forever burned in heart which is why I include it here.

All in all, my rig suits me. Although I will admit concealed carrying full-size isn’t THE most comfortable in an IWB holster, the occasional “poke in the side” reminds me of the responsibility and sometimes burden of carrying. Something that might one day be forced to protect someone…and always for the right reason.

Cheers to all, and Semper Fi to my fellow Marines.

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