You’re Driving Along When Another Vehicle’s Occupants Start Pointing Guns At You: What To Do?


Reader Jason writes:

Recent to owning a firearm and to being a concealed weapons carrier. Recently I was driving down the road and a car approach me with two men in it shouting at me and pointing guns at me the driver was on my passenger side with his window down pointing his gun out the window at me saying he was going to fucking kill me and at some point they got around on my driver side or the passenger was brandishing a weapon. I was definitely in fear of my life and there was no way to outrun them. I had my hand on my gun but never showed it and never fired it. I live in Florida and I know the laws are different in different states but legally what could I do or should I do in this situation and I had already called and was on the phone with 9-1-1 dispatch.

I asked if we could pose this situation to our audience, and he was happy to oblige. He threw in some additional details following the first message:

I was surprised how I was able to think of doing several different things in this scenario. I did think and was unsure about whether or not if I fired my weapon from a moving vehicle would I then be the one getting arrested? Unable to outrun his muscle car, if I got off the road to an empty parking lot, would that show, me wanting to engage in a gun fight? Again would I be the one getting arrested? I was able to call 911 and also able to get some video of the encounter not showing the driver clearly pointing the gun at me but very clearly showing the passenger brandishing his weapon. I have forwarded the video and pics to major crimes who said they’re going to pick up my case so I’m thinking I maybe shouldn’t post that.

Tricky tricky, huh? If this were you in the same situation, how do you think you’d handle it? It’s not like you’re going to start a gun battle while driving, but what’s a good way to try and distance yourself from the threat? Chime in below with your responses.

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