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Armed Burger King Robber Doesn’t Get Far After Concealed Carrying Patron Opens Fire, Hitting His Mark

TULSA, OKLAHOMA — A customer on his way out of a Burger King quickly found himself face-to-face with a man wielding a crowbar looking to rob either patrons or the establishment itself.

That customer was licensed to carry a firearm, and was in fact carrying during the incident. In self-defense, the armed citizen drew his firearm and fired a single shot at the suspect which struck him in the shoulder.

The suspect took off in a vehicle, and police are simply waiting for him to show up at an emergency room for treatment. After all, it’d be the wise thing to do.

Armed Citizen 1; Armed Robber 0

Just the score we like to see.

It looks like Shannon Watts is wrong again: Good guys with guns DO save lives.

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