Woman Saves Herself After Armed Intruder Shoots And Kills Occupant


RENTON, WASHINGTON — One female occupant used her home defense handgun to successfully shoot and critically injure an armed home invader after he shot and killed another occupant. The home invader entered the apartment at approximately 6:30 a.m. after shooting off the lock. When one of the occupants got up to respond, he was brutally gunned down. That’s when the female occupant was able to get her own handgun and return fire.

According to Renton Police Detective Robert Onishi, the assailant was found in critical condition in the parking lot of the apartments. Through the miracle of medicine, he was able to be recovered and placed into critical condition to hopefully wake up and stand trial.

All three people were alleged to have known each other and the conditions surrounding the home invasion are under investigation.

In this case, as concealed carriers, we’re dealing with an additional variable. Whether it’s former lovers or a bad roommate situation, we always have to remain prepared to unfortunately face not just the bad guy we don’t know but the one that we may have met under completely different conditions.

Staying ready and able, even at home, means keeping your handgun accessible. In one of these situations, there really is no middle ground. The assailant shot the lock off the door of the apartment. It is pretty obvious he intended his actions. As for the woman, she unfortunately had to see the other occupant get murdered and eventually critically injure some man she knew previously.

That’s a heck of an alarm clock to start the day.

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