Man Shot While Being Detained in Back Seat of Patrol Car

CRAMERTON, NORTH CAROLINA — A man who had been placed in the back of a patrol car by officers responding to a domestic situation required emergency surgery after being shot by a woman on the scene.

Police responded to a report of a man with a gun around 12:15 pm and were led to believe that he had been involved in a domestic dispute with another man. Unable to locate a gun, they placed the man in the back seat of a cruiser while investigating further, leaving a window partially rolled down.

A woman emerged from between two apartment buildings, approached the cruiser and shot the man. He was wounded in the chest and hand. Officers on the scene witnessed the shooting but were unable to act quickly enough to prevent the shooting. The woman complied with orders to drop the gun and surrendered without further incident.

The man is in stable condition following surgery and no other citizens or officers were injured. It is unknown if the two knew each other, or if either will be facing charges.

This incident highlights the unpredictability of domestic incidents. Even with the apparent aggressor detained and multiple armed officers on what appeared to be a secure scene, a third party was able to enter the picture and discharge a firearm.

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