Convenience Store Clerk Shoots Armed Robber — Please DO Keep Bringing Knives To Gunfights


TAMPA, FLORIDA — A convenience store clerk critically injured an armed robber after an attempted robbery took place at Hope Food Store.  According to Tampa Police, the armed robber was a 20-year-old wielding a knife.  The clerk pulled out his gun and shot the robber in the head.  When authorities arrived, they evacuated the seriously injured robber to a nearby hospital where he is listed as severely critical.

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“The clerk took out a firearm and shot him in the head,” said Tampa Police Spokesperson Steve Hegarty.

Robbing a store called Hope Food, it’s amazing anyone thought that would be a good idea in the first place.  This isn’t a bank heist where you score tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and then lay low like in the movies… We’re talking probably a measly couple hundred dollars at most.  Is that worth losing your life over?  For that one armed robber, apparently it was — and now we wait to find out if he truly will.

It’s not even the first month into the new year and we’re already tracking a very high number of really dumb people attempting robberies.  They go in looking for gold in a food store and wind up with just a bunch of lead.

Tampa isn’t immune to desperation and it certainly isn’t a place to attempt a half-assed armed robbery.  Florida is a state known for its critical interpretation of Stand Your Ground laws but it’s certainly safe to say — when you try robbing a person at his place of business, you’re facing an uphill fight even if you survive.

For concealed carriers, this is a reminder that it doesn’t matter what job we’re performing — violent, idiotic people can pop up at any time and demand things that aren’t theirs.  It’s your job to ensure you stay safe.

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