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One Witness To CA Events Was Armed

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA — An eyewitness to the mass shooting that occurred at the Inland Regional Center reported that he stayed put in his business and protected his employees and others in the area.  This is a fantastic example of the reality of being responsible in an active shooter situation and it echoes a recent statement by another concealed carrier on the campus where the Oregon shooting took place.  Observe, assess for threats, and otherwise stay put.

According to the account given by the business owner to ABC News, a man was filling up his water truck at a fire hydrant when he heard shots ring out.  The man ran into the business and told the business owner what he believed was happening.   The owner had a handgun and proceeded out to the water truck to observe the situation.

He told ABC News that he saw a couple of people get into a tinted-window, black SUV and roll off calmly.  As he had an estimated 12 employees inside, he stood his ground and kept watch over the business.

Throughout the course of the event, he attempted to gain safe passage for his employees to leave by coordinating with the sheriff and deputies actively handling the situation.

So, to recap: responsible California gun owner realizes an active shooting situation is going on next door and stays put to protect his employees and shop in case the violence surges over into his business.

That’s the responsible choice.

Because he made those choices, he didn’t have to worry about being misidentified by law enforcement converging on the Inland Regional Center buildings and was able to ensure himself and others were kept safe.

As much as we’d all like to be in the position to stop something horrible from happening, sometimes it just comes down to ensuring our situation is covered.

And, likely, if any of those attending that fateful Christmas party had been armed, some resistance would have been available to fight back against what the FBI is now classifying as a terrorist act.

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