If You Didn’t Know, Now You Do: Time Warner Cable Doesn’t Like Your Legally Concealed Firearm


While this isn’t a new story, it was brought to light again by a reader who snapped the above photo when he went to disconnect his Time Warner Cable service. Their policy of ‘no guns’ has been in effect for some time, so I decided to reach out to them myself and make sure they’re still sticking to their guns. Oh, pun!

I spoke with a very nice TWC spokesperson, Bobby Amirshahi, who told me that the policy is still very much in place. I asked him if all stores were corporate stores, and if they all held the same ‘no guns’ policy.

His response:

We operate all our own stores across the county – under our brand – and yes, it is our policy to ban concealed weapons at all locations.

It’s exactly what I had figured, but you can’t be 100% sure until you ask. Now it’s not my place to judge. After all, they can post the sign on their property as much as they like. It’s their right to do so.

It is, however, my place to simply point this fact out and let you come to your own conclusion as to whether you do business with them or not. After all, they are an extremely large company that holds millions of accounts. I’d go out on a limb and say that many of those account holders are gun owners.

So how about it? What do you do –if anything– when you find out that a company you do business with is anti-gun or anti-concealed carry? Chime in below, we’d love to hear.

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