Honor Guard 9mm by Honor Defense: A Well-Refined CCW Pistol Worth Looking At

Say hello to a brand new pistol manufacturer, Honor Defense LLC, and their first line of products that will be available December 2015.

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We had the chance to meet Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense LLC, while at the range with some great brands during the latest Media Lodge summit in Austin, Texas.

While going around to the different tables, I found myself circling back to Gary over and over again. I couldn’t get enough of this pistol and I started to feel bad about using so much of his ammo. Sorry, Gary.

The one shown below is 1 of 3 current renditions of the 9mm that they will soon be offering to the public. This particular version is called the Honor Guard Sub-Compact 9mm with FIST Frame, and it’s my favorite of the three. The other two versions give you similar specs, with the big exception being they don’t have the FIST Frame… and one version adds a manual safety.


Gary and Honor Defense LLC understand that, when making a concealed carry firearm, it’s important to think about how it may be used. We know that most self-defense situations involving firearms are at very close range. It’s up close and personal – within 7 feet and sometimes the attacker can be right on top of you. The theory behind the addition of their FIST frame (Firearm with Integrated STandoff) is to allow the user to press the front of the pistol against an object without manipulating the slide and creating an out-of-battery situation. It’s genius, really. Plus you have to admit… it looks pretty badass.


The specs for all three are pretty close, but do have some slight variations. The chart below outlines what each model has to offer.

ScreenHunter_824 Nov. 13 14.04

When I first picked up one of the pistols, I pulled the slide back and was amazed at how smooth it was. When I say smooth, I mean smooth. Almost like the slide was moving along the frame on ball bearings. “Gary, that’s an incredibly smooth slide movement,” I said. He said “Thank you” in a way that made me realize how proud he was of that fact.

The Honor Defense pistols were deadly accurate while we were at the range, and they felt really great in the hand. If you take a look at the frame, they added stippling all the way up to where the user’s thumbs typically reside. It’s a nice subtle feature that I didn’t overlook.

While shooting the line, we were informed that the magazines we were using were not 100% production, but they still performed very well. Gary promised to send us some of these pistols and production mags so that we’re able to do some proper reviews. I personally can’t wait to fire them again and am looking forward to seeing what this new company will bring to the table moving forward.

It’s like they took the best features of numerous concealed carry firearms and rolled them all into one beautifully-executed package.

This being their absolute first line of pistols, I can’t wait to see what this company has in store for us moving forward. They’re one to watch, for sure.

Stay tuned for a full review next month. You won’t want to miss it.



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