FAIL: Boulder City Council Votes To Ban Sale And Possession Of ‘Assault Weapons’ And Some Gun Accessories


BOULDER CITY, COLORADO — In a city with over 100,000 residents, the Council just voted to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of every single person there. The reach is aimed at the fabled ‘assault weapons’, as well as bump stocks and high-capacity magazines.

The vote advanced the ban and possession of these items.

It will become effective as soon as it’s adopted. At that point, according to rules the council has agreed on, citizens who own bump stocks will have to get rid of them within 30 days of adoption. They’d have to get rid of magazines with the capacity to hold 10 or more rounds by Dec. 31.

It’s not all terrible, but it’s not good either. Many pro-gun citizens were in the crowd during the debate, and it seems that some form of ‘compromise’ was made and will be written into the law if it passes in the coming weeks.

After much conversation, the council seemed to agree to a paper registration system gun owners would have to get certificates for their weapons from the Boulder Police Department and keep their assault weapons and certificates together at all times.

Police would keep no formal record through registry, however.

Owners who purchased their weapons prior to this law’s effective date would have until Dec. 31 to claim their certificates.

What would be even better is no ban at all, but we now live in a time where these laws are creeping up behind us… and creeping quickly. Where is the end, if there even is one?

The overwhelming majority of shootings occur with the use of handguns and not long guns. There is no push to eliminate these handguns, and that’s why it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

People turn on the news and hear ‘AR-15’ and that’s enough for them to throw their arms up and say ‘Enough!’. But what we’re really looking at here is a problem with mental health. You can argue that a rifle could do more damage than a handgun, but the reality is that a good plan will do better than a bad plan. If a school shooter, for example, is determined enough, they will find the best way possible to do as much damage as they possibly can.

If it’s not with a rifle, it’ll be with a handgun. If it’s not with a handgun, it’ll be with some knives.

The Mayor of this locality went on record with the following statement about these so-called ‘assault weapons’;

“I think, by and large, we’re focused on a type of weapon to keep it out of civilian society,” Mayor Suzanne Jones said. “Seems to me if you’re in the military or you need (an assault weapon) for your duties, that makes sense. I’m not sure, if you don’t need it for your duties, why you should have it.”

It would be nice if she were to sit down with Stephen Willeford, who single-handedly stopped a church shooter with his own AR-15. She should then tell this man, and all of the people affected by the church shooting, that he should not have had that AR-15 in the first place because he doesn’t need it.

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