Question: Is Concealed Carry A Lifestyle?


Our friend Robert Farago over at TTAG posted an article today surrounding the question: Is concealed carry a lifestyle?

As a reference, Robert used a recent Into The Fray video (above) by Concealed Carry Magazine’s Kevin Michalowski and had this to say:

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TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are armed and intelligent. They’re engaged with the whole gun thing: 2A politics, firearms technology, ammunition choices, self-defense strategies, gear, guns, the works. About half of our readers are AI regulars. The rest find their way here through specific searches on Google or Facebook. If anyone qualifies as participants in the “concealed carry lifestyle,” it’s them. You. Us. Yes, well, I’m not convinced that such a thing exists. Not surprisingly. Kevin Michalowski, editor of Concealed Carry magazine, disagrees . . .

Concealed carry is a lifestyle because it is not something that should be taken lightly. It is something people should learn about, embrace, participate in, and grow with. Carrying a gun is not something you just “do,” like driving a car or cooking lunch. It is something that requires thought, training, obligation, and commitment. Choosing to put on a gun means you are accepting a great responsibility in the protection of yourself and your loved ones. This lifestyle is complete with its own peer groups, activities, and even language.

True story?

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I tend to lean towards Kevin, but it’s really up to the individual and how much they let concealed carry become a part of their lives. Person A may simply strap on a firearm each day and that’s it, while person B does the same and adds weekly training and continues to educate his or herself with various aspects of concealed carry.

I believe it should be a lifestyle but again, it’s entirely up to the person carrying that firearm. At the end of the day, it’s all about training and making good choices.

What about you? Is concealed carry a lifestyle?

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