SITUATION SUNDAY #004: Fast Food Order Gone Wrong

Today is the fourth article in a new weekly series called Situation Sunday. With this series, we will be throwing out a hypothetical situation that someone could encounter during their daily activities and more importantly, how to handle that situation with a firearm.

Here’s how it works:

1. Read the situation below.

2. With the provided information, comment below in the DISQUS comments section (you can login with Facebook if you don’t have an account) and tell us what you would do if faced with the same circumstances.

3. Feel free to add things to the situation that we don’t mention. Eg; after you draw your firearm on an attacker (if needed), they still continue forward towards you. Now, you’ve got to create a storyboard all of your own. What happens next?

4. Don’t be afraid to take the situation all the way through.

Fast Food Order Gone Wrong

You walk into a fast food restaurant to order a quick lunch while on the road by yourself. You’re standing back from the counter as you decide what you’d like. From a door to your right, you notice a man walk in and go right up to the counter. He seems to be in his early 20’s, around 175 lbs and 6′ tall.

When he gets to the counter, he immediately starts yelling at the cashier to give him money. His hands start darting around quickly. He reaches into his waistband and tells the cashier that he has a gun, but you can’t visibly see one from your current angle. You’re standing directly behind him, about 10 feet away. There are 4 employees behind the counter that you can see, and no other patrons are in the restaurant besides yourself.

The man holding up the restaurant seems oblivious to the fact that you’re behind him.

Given the information above, what would you do? Play this scenario through to the end.

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