Publix Becomes The Latest Retailer To Say No To Open Carry

Last week saw a surge of companies make public statements, asking customers to not openly carry firearms at their locations. This all began with Walmart making the statement, and many followed.

Publix, based in Lakeland FL, has stores in multiple states, some of which are open carry states.

“Publix respectfully requests that only law enforcement officials openly carry firearms in our stores,” spokesman Brian West wrote in an email to the Tampa Bay Times.

Walmart last week banned an open carrier for life, yet it’s been said that they tell their employees not to confront an open carrier. However if they feel unsafe, call police.

How is it any different? If the policy is to not allow open carry, but you only call police if you’re dealing threatened, how is that different then feeling threatened if open carry were allowed?

It’s basically a political move.

What can gun owners do to combat this? Talk with these companies to express your thoughts. If the other side is being vocal, we should also be vocal. If we care.

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