Trading Open Carry For Concealed Carry In Michigan Schools: Bill Looks To Make It Possible

LANSING, MICHIGAN — As a way to find middle ground between gun rights groups and school officials, a proposed bill would allow gun owners to carry concealed while on school property, day care centers and other locations, but would prohibit open carry.

The pending Senate bill would give gun owners the ability to carry concealed after they first request an exemption from the state.

CPL holders could request an exemption during the original application or renewal process, which would be granted in the form of an endorsement on the actual license. Applying at any other time would cost up to $20 to cover processing costs.

Under current Michigan law, concealed carry in these locations is prohibited. However because of the law’s wording, does not exclude the open carry of a handgun.

Because of this, a series of open carry run-ins have caused trouble in the state. By attempting to allow concealed carry as a replacement, middle ground can likely be reached.

“I basically want to trade open carry for concealed carry in those zones,” Sponsoring Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, said. “I shopped it by the gun groups some time ago, and everybody seemed to be OK with it, but now some of them are having a little trepidation. I’m not sure where it’s headed.”

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