Gun Control Opinion Articles Are Ridiculous, And This One Is No Different


I was looking through my article list this morning -articles that could be useful as topics on Concealed Nation- and one of those Opinion articles pops up. I usually give them a read because they seem to get more and more absurd as time goes on.

This particular opinion article comes from Phyllis in Topeka, KS. Phyllis is upset -and rightfully so- about a 5-year-old girl, Lily Nichols, who lost her life to a drive-by shooting.

The lead article July 10 in The Topeka Capital-Journal was about organ donations from a 5-year-old shooting victim.

The second article on the page informed readers that, thanks to our Kansas legislators, it’s now easier to carry a concealed handgun (including a semi-automatic) without registering it.

When are we going to wake up?

A community’s right to safety outweighs an individual’s right to carry a gun without strict regulations.

Phyllis Barbe, Topeka

The back story on Lily Nichols: Lily was struck by a bullet that was fired during a drive-by shooting in Topeka. The person behind the trigger was most certainly not a law-abiding citizen.

Phyllis, speaking of the recent move by Kansas to allow constitutional carry, fails to grasp the most important thing regarding this move: the bad guys were carrying illegally even before constitutional carry was initiated. Phyllis… this doesn’t allow criminals to carry firearms, rather it allows law-abiding citizens to carry without jumping through the hoops of obtaining a permit to carry. If a criminal is found to be carrying a firearm even if it’s in a constitutional carry state, they’ll still be arrested because they aren’t allowed to buy or possess the firearm in the first place.

I also find it comical that Phyllis adds “including a semi-automatic” into her opinion article, as if to scare people reading it. Most handguns are semi-automatic, so I’m not sure if any other point is trying to be made. It’s a scare tactic, and nothing more.

This isn’t rocket science, folks.


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