If You’re Going To Draw Your Gun, At Least Wait Outside For Police To Arrive


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — An elderly man drew his concealed carry firearm in what is being described as a self-defense situation while at a shop in New Hampshire.

A man and woman in their 20’s were said to have started a verbal altercation with a man in his mid-70’s. Things became heated and at some point, the elderly man drew his firearm and pointed it at the man. The younger man immediately backed off, and the elderly man holstered his firearm and went into the store to do his shopping.

Police were called and spoke with all parties involved, although it is not clear who called the police.

No one was arrested and the case remains under investigation. Police did say that the elderly man had a concealed carry permit.

The thing about this story that bothers me is the fact that the elderly man went into the store to shop after being in –what he should have believed to be– a very dangerous situation just moments before.

Now I’m not saying he’s right and I’m not saying he’s wrong. What I am saying, though, is that I’d be waiting for police to arrive after I drew my firearm. How would I know they’d be arriving? I’d call them myself. If I were in a situation that warranted the unholstering of my firearm, you bet your a$$ I’d want a police record of it with my side of the story.

And maybe it was the elderly man who called police. I just don’t know. If he did, he could have simply said “I just drew my firearm, the situation was resolved, I’m now inside the store shopping. I’m here to talk.” If that’s it, great. That’s perfect.

But if he was simply planning to shop and then head out on his way, that’s weird.

The last thing anyone needs is to have the cops called on them for something like brandishing. . .or a laundry list of other possible charges.

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