Remember That Music Festival That Wanted To Ban Guns But A Judge Said No? Surprise! Turned Out To Be A Non-Issue!


NORMAN, OKLAHOMA — The Norman Music Festival went on as scheduled this year, but not before some controversy went down in regards to their ‘no weapons’ policy they tried to implement.

As we reported earlier, the festival posted a list of things you cannot bring to the festival, which included firearms. They headed to court over the policy where a judge ruled that they could not outright ban firearms. They could, however, ask that folks leave them at home.

Fast forward to the festival itself and you’ll quickly find that, even after allowing people to carry firearms, it was a non-issue.

One comment that rang out while a local news station was interviewing festival goers is worthy of a mention.

“Well it doesn’t bother me, I’m fine with it. When the shooting was in that movie theater if someone had been in there with a gun, then they maybe could have protected the people that were killed,” Tammy Street said.

Smart lady.

In any event, here is another example of gun owners acting responsibly because after all, the vast majority of us do just that.

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