Grandma With A Gun: Thief With Knife To Her Throat Wanted What Was In Her Purse, So She Gave It To Him


FORT WORTH, TEXAS — A knife-wielding criminal got more than he bargained for when he told a 74-year-old woman that he wanted what was in her purse.

While the woman, Jewell Turner, was in her mini van outside of her doctors office, a man came up to her window and tapped on the glass. Putting down her window, the man asked her for directions and she politely gave them to him.

When she turned her head, the man put a knife to her throat.

“He said, ‘I don’t want to hurt you, but I want your money. And I will hurt you if I have to,’” Turner said.

From her pockets, Jewell Turner could only offer the man less than $2 in change. When he demanded what was in her purse, she looked in and pulled out one of two items that could help her in this situation.

The first item she saw was a knife that belonged to her husband.

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She quickly realized that in her current situation, the 2nd option in her purse would be the better one.

“I seen the gun laying there. And I figured that would work better than the knife,” Turner said. “I just reached down, got the gun and turned around and pointed it to his face. And I told him, I said, ‘You back off, or I’ll blow your head off.’ And his eyes got big and he just backed up and he took off walking down the street like nothing happened.”

ScreenHunter_492 Apr. 22 09.53

It was with the presentation of the firearm that the man took off running for his life. No bullets flew this day, and police are searching for the man responsible.

“It’s the most devastating thing you’ll ever have in your life. It scares you to death,” Turner said, still scared about her brush with danger. “I don’t want to go through that ever again. And I don’t want nobody else to go through it.”

I’m glad to see that this woman was able to successfully defend herself, and that she chose to have the tools on her to make that possible.


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