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Armed Robbery Victim Shoots Back, 20 Rounds Fired

CONWAY, ARKANSAS — A quiet residential neighborhood near Conway, Ark. erupted in gunfire Monday night as an attempted armed robbery resulted in a running gunfight. Fortunately none of the over 20 rounds fired struck an innocent bystander.

A local TV station reported that James Allen was walking toward his car when he was approached by two men who demanded money. Allen, who holds a concealed carry permit, drew his gun but the robbers shot first. Allen returned fire while running away. He emptied a 20 round magazine while escaping the scene. Police later found a bullet hole in the garage door of a house on the street and another bullet hole in Allen’s car. No suspects are in custody and it appears that no one was hit.

From a photograph of a cartridge case found at the scene and the fact that the magazine of Allen’s pistol held 20 rounds, we can infer that Allen was carrying an FN Herstal FiveSeveN® Tactical pistol. This firearm launches a 31 grain projectile at 2,350 fps. The round has been evaluated by NATO as a potential replacement for the 9×19 Parabellum offering greater range and the ability to penetrate body armor.

We are pleased to see that Mr. Allen successfully defended himself with a legally carried firearm. We are concerned, however, that 20 high velocity rounds were discharged on a residential street during the incident. Remember that when you use your concealed firearm in a defensive situation, you are responsible for every round that you fire. Luckily, no bystanders were hit. This situation could have turned out a lot worse. Stay safe.

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