Creepiest Thing Of The Week: Want To Buy A Gun Used In A Suicide? No? Me Either.

A coroner in Pennsylvania is set to auction off about 100 firearms that were either used in suicides or accidental shooting deaths. The auction is occurring because state law requires that local governments sell any unclaimed property. While family members have a year to claim the firearms, most do not.

Any firearms used in homicides are not for sale, as they remain in evidence lockers in case they are ever needed again in the future.

Still, if this is your thing, you can view the auction items here. To win any of the auctions which is scheduled to be held on Nov. 8th, you have to be there in person and have a Pennsylvania FFL bid on your behalf.

As for me, I’d be too creeped out to own a firearm that was used in a suicide. Nope, not gonna happen.

Would you consider a purchase?

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