Thug Waltzes in for Chinese Restaurant Robbery, Ticked-Off Employees Unleash Hell

COLUMBIA, SC — When one robber marched into a Chinese restaurant in Columbia, SC, he probably expected to make some quick cash, a quick getaway, and a trip home.

He would not leave the area alive.

Apparently, he wasn’t able to handle the restaurant employees going “Rambo” on him.

As The State reports:

An employee at China Kitchen Restaurant allegedly shot a man who police believe was trying to rob the eatery, according to a statement Friday from the Columbia Police Department. The worker will not be charged, and police are calling the case “self-defense.”

When police arrived on the scene at the Forest Drive restaurant at about 11 p.m. Thursday, they found a man on the ground who had been shot in the upper body, according to the statement. He was wearing all black and a covering over his face.

Employees told police the man entered the store with a gun and demanded money from the register, according to the statement. One employee tried to grab the gun away from the man. A struggle ensued and another employee shot the burglar, according to police. That other employee was carrying his own gun, police said.

The suspected robber was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the statement.

Now both of these employees are pretty darned brave. It takes guts, as we’ve seen time and again, to draw and fire on another human being. Human instinct dictates pretty much the opposite. But the real gold star goes to a restaurant employee who went after a man with a gun open-handed.

This would be one of those scenarios in which we’re immensely glad this employee came through it alright, and because he or she did, we can say they were heroic.

But if you’re unarmed, it’s just money. Disengage the threat as quick as you can, and be a good witness.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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