Man Pretends To Surrender To Hostage Taker, Then Draws His Concealed Firearm And Takes A Perfect Head Shot

Wow, what a shot! More importantly, is it a shot that you would have taken? This comes to us from a user who directed us over to a thread in Reddit that showed this video. We have been unable to find the story behind it, so we cannot say whether the man who fired the shot was carrying his firearm legally but we’re now told that the man who fired the shot is an off-duty police officer in Brazil.

But, being concealed carriers, this is an important video to dissect and ask the question; based on the information gathered in the video, would you have taken that shot? At the very least, we can use these videos for educational purposes because it illustrates a real-life situation.

Let’s take a look at a few things that we can observe in the video.

#1: The man can be seen coming up toward them well before he appears next to them

It’s all about situational awareness. When I’m out and about, I am very aware of my surroundings. This man was in clear view of the concealed carrier (blue shirt) and he should have been able to follow his path.

ScreenHunter_77 Aug. 26 18.21

#2: Before they know it, the man now has a gun pointed to one of their heads. The man in the blue shirt has a direct line of sight the entire time while he walks up.

Now, everyone is quickly realizing that this man isn’t there to say hello and shoot the s**t. He immediately puts a gun to one of their heads. The other three men put their hands up and show that they are not a threat. The man in the blue shirt does this also, but then when the hostage-taker glances away for a split second, the man in the blue shirt draws his own firearm.

ScreenHunter_77 Aug. 26 18.22

#3: Then, before the hostage-taker knows it, the man in the blue shirt draws his concealed firearm and has it pointed right at him, firing two rounds.

I’m not even sure if the man in the blue shirt even had a sight picture. When he fired though, the hostage and hostage-taker were right next to each other. The hostage was no longer in front of the hostage-taker. Given the extremely close proximity, the man in the blue shirt seems to be confident enough to take the shot.

ScreenHunter_77 Aug. 26 18.19

#4: The man that fired then keeps his firearm on the hostage-taker that he has just shot, making sure that the threat has been eliminated.

And take a shot he does! The hostage-taker is seemingly shot in the head, and the hostage is able to get away, seemingly unharmed (although probably very shaken).

ScreenHunter_77 Aug. 26 18.20

So, watch the video above a few more times and really pay attention to each person’s movements. Based on everything in the video, would you have taken the shot?

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