Guy Has Found Success With Awesome Concealment Furniture Business

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A man in Perryville, NJ has found a way to turn his home-remodeling business around after demand started to slow down. A firearms owner, Dan Ingram had made a concealment night table for his wife a few years back, and thought that a demand for such items might be out there.

So, he started New Jersey Concealment Furniture and the rest is history.

Coffee tables, night stands, wall shelves, coat racks, end tables and more. Ingram has thought of some pretty neat ideas when it comes to hiding your firearms from people in your home.

The furniture is likely to foil an intruder, but what about curious kids? Each piece comes with a lock, he says. An electronic keypad unlocks all the hidden compartments in the hutch, other pieces need a key or a keychain device like ones that unlock cars, and others require a pass in the right direction over the right spot with a strong magnet. Customers can choose the kind of lock that will satisfy the needs of their household situation. “I’d rather see their guns locked up — and they can access them — than have their kids get to it,” he said.

May customers have asked Ingram about biometric locks on his furniture, but he steers away from it and chooses mechanical locks instead. His reasoning is that if your fingers are sweaty or have lotion on them (or a number of other scenarios), the readers will not always pick up a good scan.

Word has quickly spread of his designs and work, and his Facebook page now has over 140,000 likes. His website has also gone from 25 views per day to over 4,000.

A unique way to store self-defense items in your home, there is surely to be something in his collection that will look great in your home. To see the other items that Ingram and his company have to offer, click here.

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