Gas Station Employee Turns The Tables On Robber By Shooting First

An employee at an Exxon in Chesapeake, Virginia this past week turned the tables on a man who came into the store looking to rob it and armed with a handgun. The employee, Sammy Williams, happened to be a former police officer, and he successfully outsmarted the robber by using his age as part of his trick.

The store used to have a second till in a certain spot, and the robber asked for it specifically. However, the store stopped using the same spot because they have been robbed in the recent past. After the robber was told that the till no longer existed, he demanded a green bag that he saw.

He got upset because there wasn’t another till, so he said give me that green bag over there. I said ‘No that’s mine. It’s got my medicine it. I’m an older person, that`s my blood pressure medicine in it,’”says Williams.

At this point, Williams had a chance to grab a firearm of his own and fire six shots at the robber. He took off running out the door, but not after being hit twice by Williams. A short time later, the robber was located at a hospital while seeking treatment for gunshot wounds. What a wimp.

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