When the public found out that the guy who stopped the school shooting in Seattle was getting married, the response was amazing.

When a mentally ill individual opened fire on a Seattle campus this past Thursday, a brave 22-year-old student named Jon Meis tackled the shooter and held him in a chokehold until police arrived to arrest him.

When the internet found out that Meis was getting married to the love of his life in just a few weeks, support from strangers started pouring in.

Twitter users began posting the link to their registry, and donations began to come in.

Then, Jessamyn McIntyre, the Executive Producer for 710 ESPN Seattle, started a gofundme campaign to help raise money for Meis and his future wife.

On June 5th, 2014, Jon Meis successfully subdued and disarmed an active gunman on Seattle Pacific University’s campus. Seattle Police say if he didn’t take action that day, there was almost certain to be more loss of life. He and his fiance are getting married on June 21st and this page is here simply for those in the community who wish to show gratitude toward this local hero. This couple hasn’t asked for anything, but many wish to contribute to their future – here is the place to do so.

As of this writing, the fund is just over $40,000. What an incredible display of thanks from the community.

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