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Teen Uses Dad’s Rifle To Scare Off Three Home Intruders

SNOW CAMP, NORTH CAROLINA -- Two North Carolina girls, home alone, bravely fought off a group of home invaders that came by expecting easy pickings. One of the girls, a teenager, got a rifle and pointed it at the first guy to come in the…
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Woman Shoots Friend In Home Invasion — Right Idea, Wrong Application

ECTOR COUNTY, TEXAS -- What turned out to be an unfortunate attempt to defend their home from intruders, one woman accidentally shot her roommate while attempting to shoot two armed, masked men who forcibly entered their home. By the time Ector County deputies arrived, the roommate…
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Two Armed Men Open Fire On Crowd In New Orleans; 3 Dead, 7 Wounded

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Chaos occurred outside a strip mall in New Orleans late Saturday when two armed men wearing hoodies opened fire on a crowd of people. Three people were killed and another seven were injured. Police Supt. Michael Harrison told reporters that one of…
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Tatiana Whitlock: Using A Mounted Light For Home Defense

NRA Women Presented by Smith & Wesson Tips & Tactics Sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund Tatiana Whitlock: Using a Mounted Light for Home Defense "You cannot and should not shoot at something you cannot positively identify.” For home defense, Tatiana encourages adding a mounted light to your firearm.…
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EQUALIZER: Responsibly-Armed Woman Puts Vengeful Ex Out of Commission

TULSA, OK -- A woman shot her sister's former partner when he broke into her apartment late last month, cutting miserably short any plans he may have had once inside, Tulsa World reports. Apparently, the woman's sister and her former significant other have had a dispute…
Theater shooting victims lafayette

Lafayette Theater Gunman Identified; Here Are The Victim’s Names Instead

Staying true to our policy on not publishing the names or photos of these mass shooters, here are the names of those who truly matter: the victims. Two women lost their lives in this senseless tragedy. Macyi Breaux, 21, died at the scene in last night’s…
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Gunman, Who Killed 5 At Florida Bank Last Month, Pleads Not Guilty

SEBRING, FLORIDA -- The gunman responsible for killing 5 women at a bank during an apparently random attack has pleaded, by written letter, not guilty. Prosecutors are looking to seek the death penalty for the 21-year-old. After the incident, the troubled man called 911 to report what…
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UPDATE: Reports Of Active Shooter At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, No Threat Found

UPDATE #2: An active shooter was never present at the base. The following statement has been released: — Wright-Patterson AFB (@WrightPattAFB) August 2, 2018 UPDATE #1: Live reporting says that some local law enforcement has left, or is leaving the scene. Hopefully this is good news. Original Story: DAYTON,…

Teen Shot After Kicking In Door: “I’m At The Wrong House!”

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL -- A 16-year-old kid tried to ambush and murder a young Florida homeowner one late afternoon earlier this month, and things went south for him pretty quick. When that didn't work out for him -- he decided to go with a less-than-convincing…
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Man Gropes One Woman, Attacks Another, and Earns a Bullet to the Neck

CHICAGO, IL -- A man got a bullet to the neck when he groped one woman in his home, then attacked another, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Then the woman who shot him just plan bolted. According to the Chicago Sun-Times: A man was shot in the neck by…
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Woman Strangled Unconscious During Kidnapping, Saved By Armed Man

KANSAS CITY, MO -- An armed citizen was placed in the exact right location and time to assist a women who dearly needed it early this month, WDAF reports. A would-be kidnapper was trying to drag the mother of his three kids into her car and…
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Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun — That’s Gotta Hurt

MYRTLE, OREGON -- If there's ever a reason to ensure your kids grow up handling firearms in a safe, nurturing environment, this story has got to hit close to home. An Oregon teenager used a shotgun to stop a burglar from breaking into his home. According…