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FOILED: Would-Be Mass Shooter Foiled By Good Guy With a Truck

ATALISSA, IOWA -- A would-be mass shooter, grieved at the death of a family member to the point that it made him abandon reason, was knocked out of commission by a quick-thinking trucker gutsy enough to weaponize his vehicle, CDL Life News reports. The trucker found…
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10-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Draws National Attention

We all remember the story from a few months ago where a 9-year-old girl on vacation with her family in Arizona accidentally shot and killed her shooting instructor. It made national news with lots of attention on the fact that children should not be handling…

Four thugs Storm Armed Citizens’ Home — Not One Escapes Justice

MADISON COUNTY, FL -- A woman was shot and killed after she and three of her buddies attempted a home invasion in the middle of the morning earlier this month, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. The mostly-female burglary team actually managed to subdue both of the home's…
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New Army Choice of Handgun: Sig Sauer P320 vs Beretta M9 HEAD-TO-HEAD

The Beretta M9 will be replaced by the Sig Sauer P320 as the Army's standard-issue pistol after a lengthy and rugged debate. Many have questioned why the change is occurring, and our friends at have put together a head-to-head comparison infographic to go over…
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Why Did They Shoot? Explaining Lethal Force Misconceptions

The firearm is, of course, the primary weapon that civilians and police officers alike rely on for personal protection in the United States. Yet, despite being the world’s foremost gun culture, the general populace has little understanding of this weapon’s role in self-defense and lethal…

Teen Shot After Kicking In Door: “I’m At The Wrong House!”

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL -- A 16-year-old kid tried to ambush and murder a young Florida homeowner one late afternoon earlier this month, and things went south for him pretty quick. When that didn't work out for him -- he decided to go with a less-than-convincing…
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Delivery Driver Shot In Back, Still Fired Back To Win The Fight

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- A delivery driver was approached by two woman while working, when two men came up to his vehicle to cause trouble. It's a not-so-uncommon occurrence when these thugs attempt a robbery, and it's always best to make sure that you're aware of your…
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UPDATE: Reports Of Active Shooter At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, No Threat Found

UPDATE #2: An active shooter was never present at the base. The following statement has been released: — Wright-Patterson AFB (@WrightPattAFB) August 2, 2018 UPDATE #1: Live reporting says that some local law enforcement has left, or is leaving the scene. Hopefully this is good news. Original Story: DAYTON,…
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Man Shoots Estranged Wife After She Strikes His Mother With Her Car

ATHENS, TN -- In a custody dispute gone wild, a man was forced to shoot his wife as she charged him and his family... after striking the children's grandmother with the car. Both survived, but it's an absolute mess. As the Times Free Press reports: Athens, Tennessee, police…
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Bears Versus Handguns: What’s the deal?

More than once (more than twice, in fact), we have covered stories in which a kid, adult, somebody has had to face off with a bear in order to make it to the next day unharmed. On one hand — of course these face offs happen…
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Teen Shoots Burglar In Leg With Shotgun — That’s Gotta Hurt

MYRTLE, OREGON -- If there's ever a reason to ensure your kids grow up handling firearms in a safe, nurturing environment, this story has got to hit close to home. An Oregon teenager used a shotgun to stop a burglar from breaking into his home. According…