NYC Gunman Who Killed Two Officers Warned Followers On Instagram

The motive of the man who executed two NYPD officers today in cold blood was revenge for the Eric Garner and Michael Brown incidents. In the Instagram post above, confirmed to be owned by the man responsible for gunning down two NYPD officers today, shows the firearm that was apparently used [...]
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Two NYC Cops Shot And Killed While Sitting In Patrol Car

Photo Credit Kevin Hagen for The New York Times Updated 12/20/2014 at 5:35PM EST It has been confirmed that both officers have died from their injuries "in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s execution-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown." - - - - - - - - - [...]
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Disgrace: Meet The Guy Who Lied And Put Lives In Danger During A Manhunt

Luke Sanderlin, 34, called police early this week to say that he had been carjacked by the person he believed to be the man who murdered six people earlier in the day that police were searching for. His story was that he was out for a walk near his home with his dog, when a man with a knife [...]
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Have You Ever Done Home Invasion Drills?

As many of you have already figured out, we don't just cover concealed carry. We often post articles of a good guy successfully stopping a bad guy. Many of the stories offer teachable moments that we like to cover under a 'what if' scenario. It's great to think these things through. Many of [...]
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Woman’s Current Boyfriend Shoots And Kills Her Ex-Boyfriend After He Breaks Into Their Home With A Gun

A couple in Louisiana woke up in the middle of the night to someone breaking into their home. By the time they realized what was happening, the woman's ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old Bobby Edler, was standing in their room with a gun. Edler ordered the woman out of bed at gunpoint and let her to [...]
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Sony Pictures Is A Disappointment After Canceling The Release Of “The Interview” Due To Terrorist Threats

ScreenHunter_36 Dec. 19 01.06
If the video above isn't working, that's because it was pulled from YouTube...again. It's quite unbelievable to me that Sony let the terrorists win this one. If you aren't familar with what's going on, Sony was set to release a movie titled "The Interview" which stars Seth Rogen and James [...]
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Thief Tries To Pass Counterfeit Cash To Buy Laptop, Pretends He Has A Gun, But Seller Counters With Real Gun

ScreenHunter_34 Dec. 18 20
A Craigslist encounter didn't go the way the seller of a laptop had planned after the buyer tried to give him some counterfeit money. It happened in Denver when Earl May Jr., 31, agreed to meet the seller of a laptop in a parking lot. When they met, May passed off some counterfeit [...]
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PBS Has A Gun Control Poll And The Results Are Amazing

ScreenHunter_30 Dec. 17 23.03
PBS began an online poll this past Sunday and has already seen over 100,000 votes. The poll came on the same day that the nation remembered the terrible events of the Sandy Hook shooting and asked the following question: Would you support more restrictions on guns in your state? [ezadsense [...]
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Caught On Camera: Family Holds Christmas Gift Thieves At Gunpoint During TV Interview

ScreenHunter_28 Dec. 16 22.17 While being interviewed about a burglary, cameras quickly turned to the burglary suspects. Confused? As a family member was being interviewed about a burglary that had occurred at their Alabama home two days prior, family members down the driveway [...]
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Grandfather: 14-Year-Old Boy Shoots And Kills Home Intruder In Charlotte

ScreenHunter_27 Dec. 16 22.09
Kids can't properly use firearms? Get real. This 14-year-old not only saved his own life, but the life of his grandmother as well. [ezadsense midpost] Two intruders attempted to break into a home while a grandmother and her grandson were inside. The grandfather was not at home during the [...]
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[CCW IN ACTION] Three Robbers Enter Gas Station, Only One Leaves Alive

ScreenHunter_26 Dec. 16 21.20
A gas station clerk is glad he made the decision to carry a firearm to work with him at a Marathon gas station in Canton, OH. On Monday night during his shift, three armed men walked in and began to shoot at the clerk in an attempted robbery. Unknown to the robbers, the clerk was carrying a [...]
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Marijuana Users Allowed To Carry Concealed?

As of 2012, the use of marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado. Plenty of people believe that the use of marijuana should not be combined with carrying a concealed gun, but this law may soon change. Currently, the County Sheriffs of Colorado concealed handgun permit application [...]
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Tax-Free Guns! Possible Changes Coming to Texas Gun Laws

A celebration could be in order for gun-loving Texans. Among some other potential gun bills, there is a possibility for a sales tax holiday for firearms. According to Reuters, “the increasingly conservative, Republican-dominated state legislature is set to push forward with more pro-gun [...]
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[BREAKING] PA Man Wanted By Police For Murder Tries To Carjack Person Who Is Concealed Carrier, Shots Fired

ScreenHunter_21 Dec. 15 23.22
Update 12/19/14 10:10PM EST The man who called police to report the carjacking was not telling the truth. Read the update here. Update: 12/16/14 06:25PM EST Police have released a Press Release regarding the incident last night. To summarize, they found no evidence of Stone being at [...]
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Open Carry Of Handguns May Be Coming To Texas; HuffPost Needs To Work On It’s Editing, And The Guardian Is On Crack

While I find it insane that the state of Texas is one of only just a handful in the country to ban open carry of handguns, it may finally be on the way next year. “If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it’s good enough for the state of Texas,” Governor Greg Abbott said the [...]
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