[VIDEO] Don’t Have Your Own Gun? Just Take It From The Armed Robber

ScreenHunter_152 Jan. 29 00.16 This shopkeeper is part ninja, part crazy. In a split second, he is able to turn the tables on this armed robber by snatching his gun right from his hands. This dramatic CCTV footage captures the moment a shop worker fearlessly disarms a man pointing [...]
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Concealed Carry In California; A Look At The Process Of Obtaining A Permit

Those of us who live in California are all too familiar with the challenges that come with buying, owning, and carrying firearms. When we make the trip to the local gun store our selection is limited to pistols which are on the roster and pre-approved by the California DOJ. The limited number [...]
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First Batch Of DC Concealed Carry Permits Have Been Issued, For A Grand Total Of Eight

So far, eight lucky DC residents are legally able to carry a concealed firearm after paying fees, training for days and proving that their lives are in danger. To date, 69 applications have been received; 3 of which were cancelled at the request of the applicant. At a current 11% approval [...]
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UCF Student Fights Back Against Two Robbers That Broke Into Her Apartment; A Good Girl With A Gun

ScreenHunter_151 Jan. 28 13.09
A female University of Central Florida student defended herself and roommate against two armed robbers that broke into their student housing apartment Tuesday evening. It happened around 4:50pm when two black males entered the apartment armed with guns. Once inside, one of the men held his [...]
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Craigslist Tragedy For Elderly Georgia Couple: Why I Carry; Caveat Emptor

Suspect Ronnie "Jay" Towns, 28, left, and victims Elrey "Bud" Runion, 69, and his 66-year-old wife June, right. The phrase caveat emptor is Latin for "Let the buyer beware." An excellent illustration of this timeless principle took place in Georgia recently, and the story has been picked up by [...]
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Pretty In Pink, Tactically Speaking

After leaving the Army, I spent a short time working as a gun sales associate at a local store. Being a veteran and having three and a half years of Recruiting experience, I fell rather easily into the sales world. Often enough I’d find myself engaged in many conversations regarding firearms [...]
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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: City Council Meeting Interrupted By Gunfire, Council Member Draws Firearm

ScreenHunter_147 Jan. 27 14.11 NEW HOPE, MINNESOTA -- In a tense situation yesterday at a New Hope City Council meeting, shots were fired directly following a swearing in ceremony of two new officers. As the officers walked out of the chambers, they were met with gun fire from a [...]
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Random Thoughts About The Life Span Of A Recoil Spring

I was at the range a few months back while another member was there shooting his Kimber Ultra Carry. I was there with my Glock 23. We get to talking, and then he throws out a statement that really made me wonder: The only thing that sucks about that Glock of yours is that you'll need to change [...]
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FL Land Surveyor Shoots Suspected Armed Robber While On The Job

ScreenHunter_145 Jan. 26 12.34
PLANTATION, FL -- An 18-year-old armed robber tried to steal a cell phone and money from a man who was simply outside doing his job. Quickly though, the intended victim drew his own firearm and shot the suspect. The man who shot the suspect, Fabian Rosario, did not want to speak with [...]
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Woman Tries To Rob Arbys At Knife Point, Customer Intervenes With Firearm

VERNAL, UTAH -- A woman is behind bars after trying to rob an Arby's employee at knife point. During the robbery, a customer was in the drive-thru placing an order when the employee stopped responding. At that time, the customer parked his truck and went into the restaurant to complete his [...]
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Two Alabama Dems Sponsor Bill To Make Concealed Carry In Church Illegal

A pair of Democrats in Alabama are looking to make criminals out of legally armed citizens if they try to carry their firearms while at church. Two Democratic members of the Alabama House of Representatives are sponsoring a bill to make it illegal to carry a gun in a church without permission, [...]
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[FIREARM REVIEW] SIG P229: A Serious Gun for Troubled Times

Everything about the SIG Sauer P229 is professional and uncompromising. This is the sidearm of the plainclothes division of the US Secret Service, the officers who guard the President. The Federal Air Marshal Service uses the 229, as do the State Police forces of Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and [...]
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Interesting Twist On A Gun Buyback Program

Recently a Gun Buyback program in Newport Oregon didn't quite go as planned. The event was co-sponsored by the Newport Police Department and Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon. In exchange for firearms and magazines turned in no questions asked, attendees would receive gift cards to Fred Meyer [...]
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[VIDEO] Lessons From A Real-World Carjacking

ScreenHunter_139 Jan. 24 00.42 Here is a carjacking and abduction caught on a security camera located at a drive-in ATM in Arlington, TX. We thought it would be useful to break down the events as they took place to see if there were any measures the victim could have taken to either [...]
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Carjacking And Concealed Carry

Anyone who follows their local news will invariably come across stories of carjacking. The US Department of Justice reported an annual rate of 38,000 carjackings in the US for the period 1992 - 2003. Unfortunately, the FBI Uniform Crime Reports classify carjacking as "motor vehicle theft," and [...]
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