Intense Video Shows Man Shooting At Armed Robbers Entering His Garage


A surveillance video clip shows a man driving into his garage when three armed men come in as the garage door is attempting to close.

The man, an off-duty police officer, was with his wife in the car.

Things turn violent quickly, as one of the armed robbers starts to open the man’s car door while he has a gun in his hand. Within a second, both men fire a shot. The victim seems to get his shot off just a split second before the armed robber.


The ‘victim’ fires several more rounds at the man, which hit his intended target. The other two men were further away and were not hit, but one was picked up by police later on. The armed robber who was shot died from his injuries.

The one thing that I don’t like about this video is when the man runs out of the garage towards the direction of the fleeing robbers instead of taking cover behind his vehicle. Even more so because the one robber had already fired a shot. Once he’s back out of the garage, he makes himself vulnerable again.

Take cover, close the garage door, call police. Wait. He is the police! Talk about a bad break for the bad guys.

Aside from that, this man did all that he could to defend himself and the other person that was with him. Even before the bad guy tried to open his car door, our ‘victim’ was ready with firearm in hand.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Matthew


  • Lonnie Allen

    Just think what would have happened to this man if he was not armed and ready to protect himself???

  • I bet those Criminals have already scratched that house off their frequent home invasion list.

  • Frank Kush

    That was a bad scene and this man and woman were lucky to be armed and ready to defend themselves.

    • Calmplexed

      It wasn’t luck that he was prepared to defend himself.

    • Robo

      He likely had a concealed carry permit or being off duty cop was allowed to be armed. Denied to many citizens because of geography and idiot politicians.

      • Frank Kush

        I have my CCW and I carry most of the time but what amazes me with these videos is just how fast these things happen. Makes me rethink how prepared and ready to go at times.

  • Thank goodness he is a Only One. Imagine if it had been one of us millions of mere mundanes.

  • Scott Evans

    He’s fortunate he didn’t shoot anyone outside of his garage who was walking or driving by.

    • Bob Honiker

      He didn’t fire any wild shots down the street.

      • Scott Evans

        Come on. He fired several shots through the garage door opening where there is obviously a sidewalk and a street. Did you notice the car that drove by in the video?

    • Jose

      Ladies and Gentlemen here’s your liberal response! He’s fortunate to have been carrying. One great reason for the CCW!!!

      • raysot

        Not liberal, just idiotic. I’m a liberal and glad the cop was armed…

        • dlhvac

          yes but if he was a normal citizen he should have called 911 right lib

          • raysot

            Whatever…. Did you read my original comment?

        • Ricky Perky

          OK-I’ll give you that. Some Liberals still believe in the constitution and for all the freedoms we fought and died for. I have to admit, I had nothing against liberals until Obama made a mockery of the ideals and trampled all over the piece of paper that is what this country is founded on. Sorry for the general inclusion.

          • raysot

            No worries.. I get a little pissed when these generalizations rear their ugly head. I spent 12 years in the Marines fighting for our freedoms in Desert Shield/Storm so these generalizations hit close to home.

            And who’s to say that the cop in the video isn’t a Democrat?

            Thanks for your reply.

      • bill collins

        This is why everybody should to be able to carry in your car or truck every time you leave your house with out having a cancel permit with out being charged for some trumped up law that it’s illegal to be armed in your car or truck unless you have a cc permit you should have the same right in your car or truck as you do home to be able to protect your self family or person’s that’s in your car or truck Open and Cancel Carry should be constitutional in every state of this united states of America with out having to pay state and federal government for your God given constitutional right to be armed in order to protect your self if you so Couse at all times I guarantee you all these gun liberal’s that make’s these law’s to put money in there pocket’s fore these fines and permit’s all are armed to the teeth every time they leave there house or like Bloomberg they are paying a army of men and women to carry and to protect them us commoner’s cant afford to pay someone to be on call 24/7 to protect us or our family like they can there commit is you have the police there only minutes away when you call when seconds really counts

        • dlhvac

          yes pa has that stupid law open carry legal but need a ccw to carry loaded in vehicle very very stupid law need to go to shall not infringe

        • Ricky Perky

          I watched a video yesterday of a young man carrying an m-16 over his shoulder and on his back like he’s supposed to. They had about 7 cars there eventually and they wanted so badly to take him downtown. but he finally had them call their desk sargeant about whether or not the bun had to be unloaded to be carried in public. Turns out, carrying an unloaded weapon is about the same as carrying a stick. He was eventually allowed to

          continue on his stroll. you have to have a weapon loaded if you are allowed in you state to ccw. You can’t load a gun while being attacked-that defeats the purpose. The officers were out of line and you could tell they wanted to bully him because he had them on their video and on his that they did not know the carry law. This will have to be addressed so nobody gets sued and has to go to court. Of course a large check feels good in your pocket.

      • Scott Evans

        What liberal response? My wife and I have our CCW permits. So you agree with the guy shooting through the garage door opening when there is obviously a sidewalk and a street right there? How would that have turned out had he shot an innocent?

    • Ricky Perky


      • raysot


        Best comment ever!

      • H G 1969

        For that comment alone sir, you win the “internets” for the day!

      • Scott Evans

        Cars drive by at, what, at least 25 m.p.h. Pretty tough to check the background when you’re still in the garage. Watch the video again. He didn’t check anything out. He just pointed and shot. If he would have shot an innocent, he’d be sitting in jail.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    The dead perp sure was surprised.

  • Bob Trelka

    Thank God This Police Officer was armed when off duty. For all we know him and his wife were being stalked. The only thing I don’t like about this is while your sitting in your arm chair second guessing every move our Cops make while defending themselves you make it that much harder for our legal system to defend the legal gun owner while defending our self. Because not all of us have the benefit of a camera.

    • Eric McGrane

      Those criminals didnt have any cents at all.

  • williammillerpupista

    Good job!

    And as a cop, he’s trained to chasse them down.

  • Good shooting! One less piece of human garbage to worry about.

  • juni

    thank you for taking one SOB out

  • Dustin Shadle

    the reason he left cover was likely to observe direction of the other 2. need to take note of things like that.

    • Ricky Perky

      Plus they were beating feet as fast as they could so he had little to fear for the timid trio.

    • Don Davis

      Indeed – and there’s another school of thought that says to put them all down while you have the chance. Otherwise, they’ll be doing it again to somebody else tomorrow night – or worse, coming back later, better prepared… Personally, I wouldn’t want to feel like I need to look over my shoulder for any of them if I could help it.

  • Jose

    Let’s play the Liberal “What if?” Game, What if the cop stopped shooting and the perpetrators turned around and shot him dead, What if?

    • Ricky Perky


      • JoeThePimpernel

        There is something wrong with your keyboard.

        • Ricky Perky

          If you refuse to uncover your head, then produce a knife, then refuse to drop the knife-case closed!!!!!!

  • SeahorseKB

    And another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust :)

  • Jeff Crouch

    If he didn’t follow them out of the garage as he was firing the thieves could have come back in without notice. He likely went out to be sure the ran far enough for the door to close. He wasn’t technically over exposing himself just keeping his resecured ground. Good work.

    • Ricky Perky

      Good point also.

    • Derrick

      crims tend to not want to work hard for their rewards

  • S.N. Ebbert

    I read on Liveleak that the others got shot as well:
    “The video onThe robber still managed to shoot but hit the vehicle panel …the first thief, took 4 shots but managed to escape, the second two shots, and the third one shot …The first died soon after in the street, the other two were arrested to be delivered to the hospital for treatment of the shots taken”

    • dlhvac

      probably a 9mm use a 10mm 200 grain lead thru a glock29 with lone wolf barrel no hang ups no 4 shots at perp better than a 45+p or 357 as you can use glock 20 mags one in chamber 14 in mag if you need more than two mags you need more range time.

      • Ricky Perky


        • Mr.S

          I guess a liberal becomes a conservative when its their turn in front of a gun.

      • TSCtroll

        It was a .380

        • Aaron Walker

          “Yuk, definitely needs to upgrade. Surprised the cop wasn’t carrying a baby glock!? At least something bigger, or little more zippy – better JHP ammo.”

    • Ricky Perky


  • Steve Ruckman

    From what I understand, once a robber Leaves your house or has his back turned you are not supposed to shoot at him. Granted this cop just saved his and his wife’s ass, that’s the good part. But you can’t shoot someone in the back…

    • pnut166

      …yes you can.

    • donedwards

      You certainly can. Your assailant doesn’t have to be facing you. They’re armed and they can turn and shoot as they run. If you see a criminal holding a victim at gunpoint, do you think you have to get in front of him to shoot? Your assailant doesn’t even have to be armed. People kill with their hands. There’s no logic to disparity of force arguments.

    • Don Davis

      Depends on the jurisdiction.

    • Cleatus

      You do have a point. The police are allowed to pursue someone that is a immediate threat to the public. That means chasing and using deadly force against a fleeing felon. A civilian however must abide by the rules of self defense. Once he is no longer a threat to you or someone else it’s game over. Cops are protected “under color of law” for someone fleeing. You aren’t.

    • JoeThePimpernel

      Brazil has different hunting rules than the U.S.

  • Ricky Perky

    He would be dead and robbed, his woman probably raped at least if not worse and then his house would have been theirs for the picking. Being a cop he probably had multiple guns, shells, maybe money. All the gun control laws that those cronies in the Senate and Congress pass doesn’t help the man or keep his guns out of the criminals hands. You can’t have a safe home if there is no defense in the home or the car. Think-it’s as true now as in 1776.

    • oldhess

      Multiple guns for sure, money I doubt it. I mean he does make more than a teacher but not by much.

  • Mr.S

    I disagree, he did the right thing.

  • smg45acp

    One important lesson from this video. Note the criminal that was shot and later died was still able to get up and run away. He could have also continued to fire his weapon. The lesson, just because he hit your target don’t expect them to fall over dead one second after you hit them.
    Shoot, and take cover. They could still kill you after they have been mortally wounded.

    • Derrick

      larger caliber and hollows help that, I think big game when it comes to taking a person down with a round.

      • Curran

        You missed the point

        • Derrick

          Ever have to use a gun defensively?

          • Curran

            Ever fired a gun?

          • Derrick


          • Curran

            You definitely don’t understand the physics.

          • Derrick

            What that a hollow point expands dissipating the energy of the round completely into the body of the target, this also cause why more damage to soft tissues, I.E. your muscles and organs. Please tell me how you’re going to continue to move after 3 .357 sig rounds have left a quarter size hole into your chest?

          • Curran

            It’s like talking to a wall. First, when did you get past the one shot kill to 3. Second, at a couple feet away, your high power rounds fly through without expanding. You don’t want it going through, if it stays in then it dissipates all its evergy on the target. Third, a quarter size whole in someone doesn’t equal incapacitating. Read a story of a guy that g ot shot point blank in the heart and still managed to stab the shooter to death before he died. Fourth, 357s are have so much recoil that follow shots are slower. Stats show even police miss 2 out of 3 shots inside 5 feet. Fifth, only in the movies do guns knock people down. The same force you feel on you hand when you fire your firearm is the force the bullet is striking with. Sixth, only completely severing the brain stem garuantees instant death. Seventh, why don’t you do a little research on your own before you flap those idiot lips of yours. You don’t understand physics, anatomy, tendencies, or statistics. Instead of flapping that lip, why don’t you just pull it over your head and swallow!

          • Derrick

            the guy made a mistake and let the guy get close enough to stab him, second you seem to think im taking about the video and you missed that the rounds my handgun fires is 357 sig and i do not find it hard recoiling. If you have not stood at my side through what i have had to do and experienced shut the fuck up. Why Do you feel to be some self righteous know it all, I may not understand the physics, but I DO know what I’ve seen, done and dealt with.

          • Curran

            I’m the know it all? Lol Did you get that life experience in fantasy land? But the 357 sig says everything about you. As for telling me to shut up, come on when has that ever worked on a Internet forum? Let me guess, Fantasy Land!

          • Derrick

            Drop a 300lbs plus hog charging you

  • Ca. Girl – LOVE THE USA !

    I’m glad he was armed, GOOD HONEST PEOPLE NEED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES< ! it's the only way !

  • Patman

    Why was it snowing in his garage?

  • Ben Gilkey

    Its a cop thing. We are trained to take cover but also to pursue so we catch the bad guy and prevent them from harming someone else.

  • TSCtroll

    .380 is better than nothing! :D

    • Aaron Walker

      “Well, I guess there’s a lot to say about careful shot placement then…Such as head and neck shots…also need a bladder to survive. ..”

  • Anthony Burnett

    Score another one for the “Good Guys”.

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    Stay alert. Stay alive.

  • Lance

    Am I the only one who noticed he goes back to the car and is breaking one of the cardinal rules of firearms? He’s pointing it very close if not directly at the passenger seat where his wife is sitting.

    • Bill Edwards

      Nope, I spotted that one too. Just thought I would look and see if anyone else mentioned it before I made the comment

  • Makes my day when thugs die have had enough of those bastards

  • Richard Huss

    Had this happened to a legally armed civilian and not a police officer, the legal outcome would probably be considerably different. Once the law arrived, he would probably have been arrested. Legally armed citizens are judged by a different set of rules than off duty cops.

    • Cleatus

      Really, 3 thugs attempting to rob you as well as it being caught on video and you think you would be negatively judged?

    • JoeThePimpernel

      Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer.
      Paranoia, the destroyer

  • jimmy johnson

    That’s what I’m talkin about!!

  • Lon Pirkl

    To bad he didn’t get all three.

  • Patriot

    The only thing wrong with this video is the thugs where able to run away. :/

  • Herve Jaubert

    how many coward liberals out there think it is not fair for the robber to get shot by the victim and die and who don’t dare to post their comments

  • Massolo

    A dead robber is a good robber IMO.

  • Dwight Fontenot

    There’s more to the story, because the guy knew they were coming. He entered the garage quickly, immediately closed the door behind him, and was very ready when they walked up. My guess is it was a road rage issue. It happened in Brazil, so that’s very likely.

  • Mark J McGinty

    In my opinion, this video is a hoax. Problems with the video:

    1. No blood, not even one drop, on the floor, on the wall, on the robber’s hands or close. If this was real there would be high-velocity spatter, gravitational drops and smears on the wall.

    2. The cop clearly misses the first shot, from less than 2 feet away — that would be difficult to do on purpose. How does a cop, who is presumably intimate with his weapon, miss at that range?

    3. The fifth shot taken by the cop shows extremely poor judgment, shooting a handgun at a moving target in the dark that’s at least 12-15 yards away is a very low percentage shot (particularly for someone who just missed from 2 feet away.) In a populated neighborhood, unconscionable.

    A rational question would be, why fake it? Who knows, maybe to reinforce the notion that we need cops to shoot people? Maybe some kind of reenactment? If the latter, it should be labeled as such. And if anything else the better question would be, why don’t they at least try to make it more realistic? Seriously, high school kids could do better if they tried at all!

  • Diane Campbell


  • David Bender

    This was a prop scene. Set up all the way. Notice the is not one drop of blood anywhere nor damage where the “perps” shot hit the floor.

  • john smith

    Man that was INSANE. This man has nerves of steel. He straight up hitman those guys in a split second. From the looks of it he could have easily been killed right there but he was able to control the situation somehow. Scary as hell.