City In Idaho Will Soon Be Putting Up “This Is Not A Gun Free Zone” Signs, Because AWESOME


GREENLEAF, IDAHO — People entering the small Idaho city of Greenleaf may soon be welcomed by the above signs, if the Idaho Transportation Department approves them.

Greenleaf City Councilman Steven Jett and two anonymous companies donated five signs welcoming visitors to a city that isn’t gun-free.

“Myself, as a city councilman, and apparently the rest of the City Council agrees that gun-free zones are targets,” Jett said. “If you look at the shootings that have happened, they are gun-free zones. Schools, malls and recently churches. I want people to know that this is not a gun-free zone, and we are not a target.”

The city is reliant on a nearby police department, as it does not have one of it’s own. With that, Jett reminds everyone of the importance of having armed residents.

“We also cited that the Idaho Constitution states that the mayor of any city may call up anybody to enforce the law if they have to,” Jett said.

This looks like the start of something awesome for the residents of Greenleaf.

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