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[WATCH] Dog Attempts To Solicit Pets From Armed Robber, Giving Time For Victim To Draw And Fire

Dogs really are man’s best friend.

It’s not uncommon to see either surveillance or body cam footage that includes dogs getting their game face on to help protect their owners or law enforcement comrades.

It’s much less common to have a regular old family pet make a massive difference in the heat of the moment because he or she is relentlessly friendly.

That’s what happened in the video below. An armed robber stepped into what appears to be a convenience store toting what looks like an Uzi replica of all things.

He gets intimidating — likely announcing the robbery, but the video has no audio — and the dog gets on his two back feet to give the guy a hug.

That bought the woman sitting nearby time to draw and fire.

Unfortunately, she was wounded multiple times. According to Active Self Protection, however, she was able to recover from her injuries.

Check out the video below, and ask yourself — would you hesitate to defend your life if your pet was in the way?

It’s a really sad question, but given this footage, it’s a fair one.

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