Concealed Carrier Holds Home Intruder At Gunpoint, Intruder Tries To Bribe Him With $300 To Let Him Go

CUDAHY, WISCONSIN — A homeowner stopped a man suspected of a crime spree last week, holding him at gunpoint until the police arrived. The homeowner, known as “John J.,” found signs of an intruder upon returning from work, spotting scattered insulation from his attic on his kitchen floor.

While investigating, John encountered the intruder in his attic, who identified himself as Robert. Being a concealed carry license holder, John drew his gun and held Robert at bay until the police arrived.

The intruder, 36-year-old Robert Turner Jr., allegedly tried to bribe John during the confrontation.

“I’ll give you $300 to let me go,” Turner reportedly told John.

The authorities arrived swiftly upon John’s call and apprehended Turner. Police found Turner in possession of ecstasy and discovered a stolen firearm near the scene. In addition, Turner was suffering from a broken leg.

At the time of his arrest, Turner was on parole for a hit-and-run incident. The local community was already on high alert, having issued a shelter-in-place order after reports of police officers being shot at earlier. The police had also received a report about a suspect jumping from roof to roof, but had not identified anyone until John’s encounter with Turner.

In a follow-up investigation, police identified Turner as the suspected perpetrator of these incidents. Consequently, he has been charged with reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm by a felon, and burglary.

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