Retired Marne Has Negligent Discharge At Gun Shop

One fine day at a gun shop, a man walked in and started taking handguns out of a bag. When the employee cautioned the man about taking them out before they’ve spoken, he said something to the effect of “I’m a retired Marine, I know what I’m doing,” according to the man narrating the video.

A few seconds later, the man sends a bullet into the floor of the shop, which immediately prompted the employee to take the firearm from him and continue to keep it from him.

That employee did the right thing, making sure that no other negligent discharges occurred. As embarrassing as it was for the man who pulled the trigger, he gives up his right to maintain control over that firearm under the circumstances, because he put other lives in danger in that store.

Gun Shop Etiquette is a real thing, and one of the points is to make sure you’re bringing in firearms that are unloaded, and that you’re handling them properly and safely.

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