Man Defends Himself With Gun Against Man With Knife At Bus Stop


ROMNEY, WEST VIRGINIA — Police say John Dulaney shot and killed Shawn Davis, who was holding a folded knife, in self-defense. The incident occurred in front of a number of school children while at a bus stop.

Around 06:30 am on October 26th, Dulaney was sitting in his truck near a school bus stop, when Davis came up to his vehicle. Police say a verbal altercation occurred. At this point, Davis stuck his arm through the window while holding a folded knife.

Dulaney, acting in self-defense, shot Davis in the chest twice. Davis fell to the ground and Dulaney exited his truck, called 911 and performed CPR until emergency services arrived. Davis was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was determined that five of the children present had witnessed the shooting. The children were interviewed by specialists who are trained on how to conduct the interviews. According to the sheriff, the statements from the children were consistent.

The investigation is still being conducted, but all indications point to a case of self-defense. The evidence once gathered will be presented to a prosecuting attorney who will then present it to a grand jury to determine if there will be charges. Dulaney was legally carrying and had a legal firearms during the shooting.

The children have been given resources for counseling.

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