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Defenseless Improv: Man Takes Gun From Robber And Shoot, Kills Him

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA — I’ll always recommend that you have your own firearm with you, but if you don’t, I guess the next best thing would be to take the bad guy’s firearm and use it for your own self-defense purposes.

That’ what happened in West Palm Beach when two men were sitting in a parked car. Police say they were approached by an armed man who was attempting to rob them.

The victims both fought back and at some point, one of them gained control over the robber’s gun. He fired, shooting and killing the attacker.

When it’s a “him or me” situation, it’s always best that it’s him.

Some will say “Well, you’ve disarmed him and he’s no longer a threat. Why did you shoot?” That’s easier said than done. Consider these two things; First, the two men probably weren’t asking to be robbed that night, and were forced into the situation. Second, who says the robber doesn’t have another gun, knife, or other weapon on him?

Again, if you’re forced into a life-or-death situation, there’s no telling what that party is thinking about doing, or just how prepared they are for an ongoing fight.

If you play stupid games…

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