Man Pulls Gun During Interview And Points It At Someone, Everyone Stands Around

I am really unsure of what goes through people’s heads when they’re watching someone pull out a gun and point it at another person just feet from them, and they remain where they are and simply watch.

The correct answer is for you to get yourself away from that situation as quickly as possible.

A group of people were performing some sort of interview on the street when the incident happened, which seems to be unrelated to the people doing the interview.

While it’s going down, multiple people can be seen watching the incident with somewhat blank stares on their faces. I understand the shock and disbelief that can occur with something like that, but it’s paramount to understand what is happening and then take action to make sure that you’re not about to be shot.

The video is embedded below. Note that this is NSFW as it contains strong language throughout.

As a concealed carrier, your job is to avoid confrontation at all costs, and if you happened to witness this happening to a stranger, your best bet is to still get somewhere safe and not intervene.

As a person not carrying a firearm, guess what; your best bet is to also get somewhere safe and not intervene.

In the end of the video, you can hear someone say “Hey go get that n**** with the camera,” which is yet another reason to get yourself somewhere safe as soon as things look bad.

When a gun comes out, the stakes are much higher than say a fist fight, and you do what you can as a bystander to make sure that you aren’t injured or killed by what’s happening around you.

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