Video Shows Shooting That Has Been Ruled Self-Defense, Even Though Family Of Deceased Disagrees

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — A shooting that occurred back in February has been ruled self-defense after the DA refused to press charges against the two people who pulled the triggers.

It was a cold night in february, about 6 degrees, when Martin Lee Johnson was captured on home surveillance cameras trying to get into a garage. A mother and her son were home at the time and when the mother saw what was happening, she grabbed her gun and her son did the same.

According to police reports, the homeowner, a 53-year-old woman, heard Johnson “wiggle the door handle” and his steps on the deck, so she told her 26-year-old son who lives with her, and grabbed her handgun as Johnson entered the family’s detached garage.

via local media

The pair came face-to-face with Johnson and yelled at him to leave, the mother then firing warning shots. Johnson is seen on the video moving towards the pair instead of away, and eventually the son fired shots at him.

The family of Johnson stated that they believed he was looking for shelter and was not out to harm anyone.

The neighborhood had a history of armed robberies that were increasing in frequency.

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