Gun Owner Probably Glad He Brought His Gun With Him To That 3 a.m. Hook-Up At A Motel


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Just outside Nellis Air Force Base, a man was going to meet up with a woman he met online at an extended stay motel. Little did he know that it would be the perfect cover for an ambush and a robbery. Thankfully, he brought his handgun and was able to use it to successfully defend himself against an armed man who attempted to rob him.

According to FOX 5 KVVU Las Vegas, when the victim of the attempted robbery met up with the woman at the motel, he was surprised to see a man in tow. The man, according to police, attempted to rob the victim with a weapon but the victim was able to pull out his handgun and shoot his attacker. Both suspects, the man and the woman, fled the scene and the male suspect was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

People made repeated calls to emergency services and 911 after the shooting took place but investigators have concluded that the victim of the attempted robbery will not be charged with any crime connected to the self-defense shooting.

We feel bad for the cleaning maid. But then again, considering it’s an extended stay motel on the outskirts of an Air Force base, we would probably still feel bad for her. Those stains won’t come off the carpet any time soon…

Both perpetrators of this crime have been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and the man in this case was charged with possession of a deadly weapon. The victim of the attempted robbery is reportedly in good health though probably a bit more cautious about who he meets up with online.

It’s just a risk-and-reward situation that any gun owner can be placed into. He made the smart call and brought his handgun just in case. We can’t anticipate where romance will take us but we can definitely make sure we don’t get stuck with our pants around our ankles. Proverbially or otherwise.

Be safe and carry every day, everywhere you legally can.

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