Man Fatally Shoots Homeowner, Then Fires on Responding Officers Who Fatally Shoot Him


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Police are using the word “cryptic” to describe an incident that left a homeowner and his killer dead in the back yard of a residence around 6 p.m. Monday. Police were called to a shooting on Clutter Avenue near Pyron Avenue, near the San Antonio Missions, according to Chief William McManus.

Five officers responded, with their experience ranging from 1-10 years. The Chief said, “It’s very cryptic. There was some weird things that he was doing back there, I don’t know if he was waiting for police to arrive or what but there were some strange things he was doing back there before police arrived.”

The Chief did not elaborate on the actions of the 49-year-old man but laid out the events that occurred. The suspect entered the back yard area where the homeowner and a friend were, and then opened fire on them. The homeowner was killed, and the friend managed to run away and was uninjured. The victim’s wife then opened fire on the suspect but did not hit him.

When officers arrived, the man opened fire on them. They responded by returning fire and fatally shot the suspect. “This is a situation that presented itself to officers under gunfire, responding to a call to what turned out to be a murder,” McManus said.

Many of us enjoy hanging out with friends in our backyard. Unfortunately for this homeowner, his wife and friend, it ended tragically. It is a sobering reminder that we can never let our guard down, even while relaxing in what we would normally consider a safe environment.

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