Homeless Man Beats Elderly Woman As She Walked With Her Husband In Unprovoked Attack


BRADENTON, FLORIDA — A woman is recovering from head injuries after she was attacked while walking with her husband at a shopping center in Florida. The attack, which police say was unprovoked, happened quickly and could have easily had deadly consequences.

A 68-year-old woman was hospitalized with a fractured skull, after she was attacked while walking at a Bradenton shopping center. Law enforcement said the attack was completely random and unprovoked.

Deputies say the victim was walking with her husband at the Paradise Bay shopping plaza, 7110 Cortez Road W., when Steven Sikkema, 37, came from behind them, shouted “I’m going to get you,” and slammed the woman’s head into a wall.

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Police were able to find Sikkema and take him into custody after witnesses gave them a description. He is currently sitting in jail, where he’ll hopefully stay.

This type of attack would absolutely justify the drawing of a firearm in order to defend this woman. Of course carrying a firearm isn’t for everyone, but other options are available as well. Luckily, police were able to find this thug and quickly get him away from the public, but sometimes it’s not so easy.

Having tools to help you survive an attack, and to stop the attacker, should be seriously considered by everyone. Whether it’s a firearm, pepper spray, a knife, or training in martial arts, the more tools and training you have the better your odds will be.

We wish this woman a speedy and full recovery.

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