Teen Shuts Down Home Invasion With Mother’s Pistol


MONTVILLE, OHIO — An Ohio teenager named Brayden Jarrett stopped an intruder who tried to break into his house while he was home alone, according to reports.

Brayden was familiar with firearms in part due to his hunting experiences and knew where his mother’s 9mm handgun was kept, according to WJW.

He stood watching the door as the outside door opened, and when the intruder started to open the inside door, he loaded the gun.

The intruder then fled after Brayden cocked the gun and pointed it at the door.

“I didn’t say anything but when I cocked the gun back and pointed it at the door, he said, ‘Oh (expletive),’ and ran,” Brayden said according to WJW.

Brayden immediately called his mother, who then posted about the break-in on social media.

With the help of neighbors, the suspect was identified as Zachary Stutzman and later charged with burglary by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office.

Brayden’s mother, Ashleigh, is now cautioning people about what they post on social media, as she believes the suspect may have used her posts to learn her routine.

“Anyone can see your schedule,” she said according to WJW.

“If you are posting that you are at your place of business or you are posting that you are out and about and for someone who is mostly alone, it leaves you open for vulnerability and it gives somebody just a key into your life.”

She also now has cameras watching over the inside and outside of her house. Ashleigh is grateful to have a son who is also her protector and expressed her pride in how calm and collected he remained during the situation.

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